Our peeWee program is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 7. The equipment includes small nets, low compression balls and a FREE hotshots t-shirt to those booking for the first time. Each child will be introduced to basic motor skills essential for tennis and this will also improve co-ordination.

At the end of the Term, each child will graduate to the next level, depending on their progress – there are four levels in total. With a ratio of four children per coach, your child is sure to enjoy tennis in an educational environment. Children can join at any time during the Term, we'll just adjust the fees.

Tennis Australia now endorses Wilson peeWee as the official starter program to Hot Shots.

peeWee – group lesson

$125 for 8 x 30 minute sessions



No credits for group lessons.



* Prices may vary slightly due to family bookings, loyalty and how many sessions are booked and paid for in advance.

Contact Justin for full details!